Week Beginning 2nd January 2023

The first week back after the Christmas holidays was supposed to be a three-day week, but unfortunately after returning to work on Wednesday I started with some sort of winter vomiting virus that affected me throughout Wednesday night and I was off work on Thursday.  I was still feeling very shaky on Friday but I managed to do a full day’s work nonetheless.

My two days were mostly spent creating my slides for the talk I’m giving at a workshop in Zurich next week and then practising the talk.  I also engaged in an email conversation about the state of Arts IT Support after the database on the server that hosts many of our most important websites went down on the first day of the Christmas holidays and remained offline for the best part of two weeks.  This took down websites such as the Historical Thesaurus, Seeing Speech, The Glasgow Story and the Emblems websites and I had to spend time over the holidays replying and apologising to people who contacted me about the sites being unavailable.  As I don’t have command-line access to the servers there was nothing I could do to fix the issue and despite several members of staff contacting Arts IT Support no response was received from them.  The issue was finally resolved on the 3rd of January but we have still received no communication from Arts IT Support to either inform us that the issue has been resolved, to let us know what caused the issue or to apologise for the incident, which is really not good enough.  Arts IT Support are in a shocking state at the moment due to critical staff leaving and not being replaced and I’m afraid it looks like the situation may not improve for several months yet, meaning issues with our website are likely to continue in 2023.