The University of Glasgow is one of the foremost UK institutions for research and teaching in digital humanities.

It was at the forefront of establishing this field, and pioneered the application of new digital techniques to the study of human history and experience beginning in the 1960s. In the 1980s, a large expansion of resource resulted in large-scale investment in computing labs dedicated to language, linguistics, literature, and history. In the present day, there is a vibrant digital humanities research community at the University, thanks in part to its matchless museum, archive, special collections, and digital humanities labs and research infrastructures.

This resource is a gateway to much of this interdisciplinary and internationally significant research activity, showcasing our innovative and collaborative projects in digital humanities across the disciplines, our work with hybrid and complex data, and our development of new digital tools and methods, all carried out by our pioneering academics, programmers, and research software engineers.

Lorna Hughes & Marc Alexander