Week Beginning 21st January 2013

I’ve left it a little late in the day to start this week’s update and I’m struggling through a horrid cold so I’m going to aim to be a little more concise than usual.  I had a few meetings this week, the first with Jean Anderson on Tuesday.  The main focus of the meeting was how I can engage more with postgraduate research students, which is something listed in my job description that I haven’t really done much about yet.  Jean was able to give me some very useful pointers that I will follow up on in due course.  I also met with Flora this week, and we spent an hour or so going through some of the code she has been having difficulty migrating to the new Historical Thesaurus server.  We managed to make some good progress and I think it was really useful for Flora to be able to bounce some ideas off another techie person.  I also attended Jane Stuart Smith’s meeting to discuss the SCS web pages in relation to the REF.  This was quite a lengthy meeting but it was very useful to be a part of it and some important decisions with regards to the website were made.  I also spent a bit of time before the meeting going through the web pages and creating a document containing some recommendations.

I spent a fair bit of time this week on Burns related matters.  What with today being Burn’s Night the projects were wanting some updates made to the websites in the run-up to the big day (or night, I suppose).  The changes to the ‘Song & music’ pages that I had implemented locally on my PC before Christmas needed to be rolled out to the public website, which meant updating some of the underlying code on the server.  I’d previously made notes about the changes I’d implemented on my local PC but somehow I had managed to lose them, which made the process slightly trickier.  However, I got there in the end and now there are individual songs for each page and songs can be played directly from the browser rather than having to be downloaded.  I also advised on creating a feedback form for the Burns conference (and subsequent events), exploring a few options such as SurveyMonkey before deciding to go with the University’s own web form processor, which proved effective enough for the needs of the team. Also this week I spent a few hours creating the site structure for the ICOS2014 conference.  Now that the structure is in place it will be possible for the organisers to manage the addition of content to the structure themselves.

Finally this week I contacted Marc and Alison regarding a couple of possible bids that we had previously discussed and we will hopefully be able to start writing these bids soon.

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