Week Beginning 28th January 2013

I ran out of time on Friday so for the first time I’m having to write my update on the following Monday.  This week I began working on the ‘English Grammar: An Introduction’ app, which is going to be a fairly sizable undertaking due to the quantity of text in the Grammar book and the number and complexity of the exercises.  I started this week with the book text itself, giving it a similar design to the ARIES app (e.g. examples in dotted, grey boxes).  By the end of the week I had managed to complete the reformatting for over half of the book, so progress is being made.  You can see the ‘work in progress’ version of the app here: http://www.arts.gla.ac.uk/STELLA/briantest/grammar/

Also this week I received some very useful feedback from Christian Kay regarding the ARIES app and I spent a bit of time on Friday morning implementing her suggestions and fixing a few bugs that she had encountered.  For example, in the two ‘Test yourself’ exercises in ‘Further Punctuation’ there was a bit of a glitch that only occurred if you tried to check the results of stages 2 or 3 of exercise 2 when exercise one was displaying the same stage.  It was really very handy that Christian encountered this and I was able to sort it.

I had a number of meetings this week, the first was with the Burns project on Tuesday.  The meeting went well and we had some good discussions about the website and possible future developments, specifically concerning the timeline of historical events and the map interface for the travel journals.  We have arranged some follow-on meetings to discuss these areas.  I also met with Jeffrey Robinson to discuss the Wordsworth project he is wanting to put together involving a developer and a digital artist.  It sounds like a really exciting project and it was great to speak to him about his ideas.

On Friday I attended the DROG meeting, which was another great opportunity to catch up with developments on the projects.  After the meeting I had arranged to meet Alison Wiggins to discuss a follow-on project for Bess of Hardwick.  We spend a very useful hour discussing the bid and working out a few of the details such as the phases of the project and the amount of developer effort that would be required.

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