Week Beginning 18th July 2016

Monday was a holiday this week so I returned to work on Tuesday, after being out of the office for most of the past three weeks on holidays and at the DH2016 conference.  A lot of the week was spent catching up with emails and finishing off conference related things, such as writing last week’s lengthy blog post that summarised the conference parallel sessions I attended.  I also had to submit my travel expenses and get my remaining Zlotys changed back.  Other than these tasks the rest of my week was spend on a range of relatively small tasks.  I continued to work with the Hansard data extraction using the ScotGrid infrastructure.  By the end of the week the total number of rows extracted and inserted into the MySQL database stood at 123,636,915, and that’s with only 170 files out of over 1,200 processed.

I spent a little bit of time discussing the dreaded H27 issue for the Old English data of the Mapping Metaphor project.  Wendy and Ellen have been having a chat about this and it looks like they’ve come up with a plan to get the data sorted.  Carole is going to use the content management system I created for the project in order to add in the stage 5 data for the H27 categories.  Once this is in place I will then be able to extract this data and pass it over to Flora so she can integrate it with the rest of the data in her Access database.  Here’s hoping this strategy will work.

I also had a chat with Gary Thoms about the SCOSYA project and added some new codes to the project database for him.  We will be meeting next week to go over plans for the next stage of technical development for the project, but Gary wanted to check a few things out before this, such as whether it would be possible to allow the editors to create records directly through the system rather than uploading CSV files.

I also responded to a request for help from someone in the School of Social and Political Sciences about an interactive online teaching course she was wanting to put together.  As I only really work within the School of Critical Studies I couldn’t really get involved too much, but I suggested she speak to the University’s MOOC people as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) seemed to be very similar to what she had in mind.  I also spend some time in an email conversation with Christine Ferguson and a technical person at Stirling University.  Christine has a project starting up and I was supposed to get the project website up and running over the summer.  However, Christine is started a new post at Stirling and the project needs to move with her.  After a bit of toing and froing we managed to come up with a plan of action for setting up the website at Stirling, and that should be the end of my involvement with the project, all being well.

Ann Ferguson of Scottish Language Dictionaries contacted me whilst I was on holiday about doing some further work on the DSL website so I also spent a bit of time going through the materials she had sent me and getting back up to speed on the project.  There are a few outstanding tasks that we had intended to complete about 18 months ago that Ann would now like to see finalised so I replied to her about how we might go about this.

I also spoke to Rob Maslen about the student blog he is hoping to set up before next term.  I’m going to meet with him next week to figure out exactly what is required.  Finally, Marc sent me on some new data for the Historical Thesaurus that has come from the OED people.  We’re going to have to figure out how best to integrate this over the next couple of months, and it will be really great to have the updated data.