Week Beginning 4th January 2016

I returned to work on Wednesday this week, after very enjoyable but seemingly all too brief Christmas holiday. I spent a bit of time on Wednesday sorting through my emails, replying to things and checking that there was nothing lurking in my inbox from last year that I’d failed to deal with. I also spent a few hours helping Simon Taylor out with some problems a user of his Fife Placenames website had encountered. I had previously helped Simon to extract the placename data from Word files and created scripts that would split these up and generate a relational database for the resulting data, but it would appear that in a few cases the splitting script hadn’t quite worked properly and some places were being appended to the entries for the previous place. I think I managed to get this all sorted now, though.

I also spent a fair amount of my time this week on the Medical Humanities Network website and database. The project is going to be launching this month and there have been a number of further tweaks and updates that Megan and Hannah have requested, such as allowing Twitter feeds to be associated with collections, changing the way teaching materials are organised and updating the list of icons for projects. Everything is coming together quite nicely, though.

Gavin Miller also contacted me about his SciFiMedHums project. I’d previously created a WordPress plugin that allows him and his RA to create and manage bibliographical data and now he is hoping to get the public involved in submitting data too. We had an email discussion where I described a few possible ways in which this could be handled and I’ll just need to wait and see how Gavin wants to proceed with this.

I also worked on the Metaphor in the Curriculum project, greatly expanding the amount of content that is currently available in the prototype app that I’ve created. Previously we had one quiz available (metaphor and war) but before Christmas Rachael had uploaded some new quizzes to the project’s shared drive (in Word format) so I created interactive versions of these. There are now four quizzes available, each with their own nice background image. Things are shaping up quite nicely, I think.

So, a bit of a short report this week. Next week I’m going to have lots to do, such as starting work on the People’s Voice project, continuing with the SCOSYA project and working with the Grid to try and get the Hansard data processed.