Week Beginning 21st December 2015

Here’s a brief ‘Yule blog’ before I head off for Christmas. I only worked on Monday and Tuesday this week and during these two days I worked on three projects: Burns, the Medical Humanities Network and Metaphor in the Curriculum. Over the past few weeks I’ve been working with Pauline to restructure the Burns website on a test server I have running in my office (just an old desktop PC). On Monday Pauline made the final updates to the content that she needed to do and after that I made replaced the old version of the site with the new one. This is structured in a much more sensible way and has a more interesting front page. I also had to make a few changes to the site myself before we went live, such as replacing the older interactive map that just had dots on it with the newer version that had visible labels as well. I also now appear listed on the ‘project team’ page too, which is nice. The website can be found here: http://burnsc21.glasgow.ac.uk/ and the interactive map here: http://burnsc21.glasgow.ac.uk/highland-tour-interactive/.

For the Medical Humanities Network I had a fix a couple of bugs, change some site text and incorporate the ‘Welcome Trust’ logo. Not particularly taxing tasks, but good to get cleared out the way before the holidays. The website should hopefully be going live in January, all being well.

For Metaphor in the Curriculum I created a new prototype version of the quiz interface based on the very helpful feedback from the testing session a couple of weeks ago. The changes in this version include:

  1. The ‘Home’ icon in the top left of the exercise page is now slightly more prominent, plus the ‘MetaphorIC’ text also links back to the homepage too.
  2. I’ve removed the ‘Check answer’ and ‘restart’ buttons
  3. Clicking on a possible answer, or dragging and dropping for this quiz type, now automatically evaluates the answer, which streamlines things.
  4. For the non-drag and drop quiz type the background colour of the option you click on now changes – green if correct, red if incorrect and a white tick or cross is also displayed (helpful for colour blind people).
  5. The user’s first answer for each question is the one that is reflected in the overall score.  If you select the wrong answer and then select the right one this will still count as incorrect when you view the quiz summary page.
  6. On the quiz summary page the ‘restart’ button has been relabelled ‘Try again’ and the stored quiz answers are cleared when the user returns to the quiz.  The same thing happens if the user returns to the list of quizzes.
  7. ‘Next question’ and ‘Previous question’ buttons now just say ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ to cut down on the amount of space they take up.


There’s one possible area of confusion, and that is that users can go back to previously answered quiz questions.  If they return to a question that they got right first time then the correct answer is pre-selected.  But if they got the question wrong, or they got it wrong first time and then chose the right answer then no answer is pre-selected.  We’ll need to consider whether this is too confusing. One possible option would be to remove the ‘previous’ button entirely.  We could also disable to ‘Next’ button until an answer has been given. No doubt the rest of the team will discuss this in January and I’ll update things further after that.

So, that’s all from me for 2015. It’s been a busy, enjoyable and hugely rewarding year and here’s hoping this continues into 2016!