Week Beginning 28th September 2015

This week was a return to something like normality after the somewhat hectic time I had in the run-up to the launch of the Scots Thesaurus website last week. I spent a bit of further time on the Scots Thesaurus project, making some tweaks to things that were noticed last week and adding in some functionality that I didn’t have time to implement before the launch. This include differentiating between regular SND entries and supplemental entries in the ‘source’ links and updating the advanced search functionality to enable users to limit their search by source. I also spent the best part of a day working on the Technical Plan for the Burns people, submitting a first draft and a long list of questions to them on Monday. Gerry and Pauline got back to me with some replies by the end of the week and I’ll be writing a second version of the plan next week.

I also had a few meetings this week. I met with Luca Guariento from Music to help him with a JavaScript problem he was having. He’s using the Diva.js library as an image viewer but he was wanting to be able to pass specific image page IDs to the library via links in a search results page. We got something worked out using hashes to pass IDs between pages, but encountered some problems with the initialisation of Diva.js. Thankfully Luca has been in contact with the Diva developers and they told him how he could hook into the Diva initialisation event and all is working nicely now. I must remember to use Diva on a future project as it’s a very nice interface. I also met with Iain Edmonds, who is developing some quizzes for the Sounds of the City project. He was wanting some advice on being able to link to specific parts of a web page and I gave him some pointers.

On Friday we had a team meeting for the Metaphor in the Curriculum project. We spent a couple of hours going over the intended outputs of the project and getting some more concrete ideas about how they might be structured and interconnected, and also about timescales for development. It’s looking like I will be creating some mockups of possible exercise interfaces in early November, based on content that Ellen is going to send to me this month. I will then start to develop the app and the website in December with testing and refinement in January, or there abouts.

I also spent some time this week working on the Medical Humanities Network website for Megan Coyer. I have now completed the keywords page, the ‘add and edit keywords’ facilities and I’ve added in options to add and edit organisations and units. I think that means all the development work is now complete! I’ll still need to add in any site text when this has been prepared and I’ll need to remove the ‘log in’ pop-up when the site is ready to go live. Other than that my development work on this project is now complete.

Continuing on a Medical Humanities them, I spent a few hours this week working on some of the front end features for the ScifFiMedHums website, specifically features that will allow users to browse the bibliographical items for things like years and themes. There’s still a lot to implement but it’s coming along quite nicely. I also helped Alison Wiggins out with a new website she’s wanting to set up. It’s another WordPress based site and the bare-bones site is now up and running and ready for her to work with when she has the time available.

On Friday afternoon I received my new desktop PC for my office and I spent quite a bit of the afternoon getting it set up, installing software, copying files across from my old PC and things like that. It’s going to be so good to have a PC that doesn’t crash if you tell it to open Excel in the afternoons!