Week Beginning 21st September 2015

A lot of this week was devoted to the Scots Thesaurus project, which we launched on Wednesday. You can now access the website here: http://scotsthesaurus.org/. I spent quite a bit of time on Monday and Tuesday making some last minute updates to the website and visualisations and also preparing my session for Wednesday’s colloquium. The colloquium went well, as did the launch itself. We had considerable media attention and many thousands of page hits and thankfully the website coped with all of this admirably. I still have a number of additional features to implement now the launch is out of the way, and I’ll hopefully get a chance to implement these in the coming weeks.

Other than Scots Thesaurus stuff I had to spend a day or so this week doing my Performance and Development review exercise. This involved preparing materials, having my meeting and then updating the materials. It has been a very successful year for me so the process all went fine.

I spent some of the remainder of the week working on the front end for the bibliographical database for Gavin Miller’s SciFiMedHums project. This involved updating my WordPress plugin to incorporate some functions that could then be called in the front-end template page using WordPress shortcodes. This is a really handy way to add custom content to the WordPress front end and I managed to get a first draft of the bibliographical entry page completed, including lists of associated people, places, organisations and other items, themes, excerpts and other information. It’s all looking pretty good so far, but there is still a lot of functionality to add, for example search and browse facilities and the interlinking of data such as themes (e.g. click on a theme listed in one entry to view all other entries that have been classified with it).

I also spent some time this week starting on the Technical Plan for a new project for the Burns people, but I haven’t got very far with it yet. I’ll be continuing with this on Monday. So, a very short report this week, even though the week itself was really rather hectic.