Week Beginning 14th July 2014

A rather late report this week due to running out of time on the Friday and then being on holiday on the following Monday.  I spent the majority of this week working on DSL redevelopment tasks, going through the various lists of things to do that have built up over the past few weeks.  This included overhauling the advanced search page for both entries and bibliographies, updating the site footer content, adding in some further ancillary page content and updating the layout of numerous parts of the site based on feedback from Ann.

Also this week I updated the interface for the Burns website, applying the theme that I’d worked on a couple of weeks ago to the whole of the website.  I think it looks a lot better now, plus it is now ‘responsive’, meaning it works at all screen widths and displays much better on tablets and smartphones now.  I also spent a little time working with the tour map images that Pauline had given me, running them through the Zoomify tile creator and then using the OpenLayers Javascript library to provide a Google Maps style zoomable, pannable interface to them.  They look pretty good, but as of yet there is no way to ‘pin’ labels on them, which is what we eventually require.

I met with Alice Jenkins this week to discuss a couple of projects she would like to develop in the coming months.  I can’t say too much about them yet, but they definitely have a lot of potential.  I also created all the necessary documentation for this year’s PDR and had thought I would be going through this with Jeremy on the Friday, but it turns out that Jeremy isn’t overseeing my PDR any more so the process has been postponed for a little while.