Week Beginning 21st July 2014

Monday was the Glasgow Fair holiday so it was a four day week for me this week.  I spent a fair amount of time this week on AHRC duties once again.  I seem to be receiving an endless stream of things to do from them at the moment – just as I finish one task and I think that will be the last for a while they send me something else to do.  Other than AHRC stuff, I spent a little time this week fixing an error with the Historical Thesaurus.  It wasn’t a major issue, but some words were being displayed with speech marks around them.  This was because the words (or phrases) contained commas, and such data when presented in a CSV file gets automatically wrapped in speech marks to differentiate the comma in the data from the commas used to delineate fields in the CSV file.  Usually such speech marks get stripped out when using PHP’s CSV functions, but in this case this hadn’t happened, leading to a couple of hundred words with erroneous speech marks.  I wrote a little script to identify the rows and make the necessary changes and that was that.  I also spent some time this week in an email conversation with Katie Lowe about the bid she is putting together.  She needed advice on costings and workflows and I managed to help her out a bit.

Other than these tasks I continued to work on the redevelopment of the DSL for most of the rest of week.  I overhauled the bibliography search results and bibliography display to bring this into line with the results and display for entries.  Search results are now split into two paginated columns for DOST and SND and the bibliography page itself now displays the search results down the left hand side of the screen.  I also fixed most of the other outstanding issues with the site, such as the use of apostrophes in search terms.  I also added the ancillary page text that was awaiting upload.  I think we’re just about there with the site now.  There’s not much else to report about this week.