Week Beginning 26th May 2014

Monday was a bank holiday so I had a nice long weekend.  Getting back to work on Tuesday, I spent a fair amount of time working with the Apps this week.  I actually managed to get an App submitted to the App Store!  It was something of a laborious process getting through the submission process and took a lot longer than I was anticipating.  It involved getting an iTunes Connect account, dealing with certificates and validation, integrating details from the developer program with the Xcode IDE on my macbook, generating icons of many different sizes, generating loading screens, taking screenshots for the store, supplying descriptions etc.  So many hoops to jump through.  But, finally, I managed to get the English Grammar app submitted.  Now we just need to see whether it will be accepted, as each app gets vetted before it is approved.  Rather frustratingly, I tried submitting the two other apps but I just keep getting error messages during the validation process – something about certificates not being valid.  I’ll return to this next week.  I also tried deploying the apps to my Android phone for testing purposes and ran into something of a snag.  Rather strangely, Android apps don’t support the HTML5 Audio tag, meaning none of the recordings in the ‘Readings’ app and the ‘speak and spell’ bit of ARIES were working.  This is a bit annoying, especially I was expecting to run into more trouble with iOS than Android.  It means I will have to rewrite the audio sections to use Cordova’s media player hooks.  It’s hopefully not going to be too difficult to do but it will take a bit of time and it means the Android versions of the apps will have to wait a while as I’ve got too many other tasks to focus on at the moment.

Other than App development stuff I mostly spent my time on Mapping Metaphor project stuff this week, mainly working on the poster for DH2014 with Wendy and Rachael.  I prepared the text for my section and then began working with an open source desk-top publishing package called Scribus that I’d used for previous posters when working in HATII.  We had a meeting on Friday to discuss the poster and by the end of the day I’d completed about half of a first version of the poster.  I’ll get this completed next week.  Also for the project this week I added some real lexeme and start date data that Ellen supplied me with and updated the visualisations to default to strong metaphors rather than both strong and weak.

I was hoping to have time to continue work on DSL development this week too, but ran out of time.  Hopefully next week I’ll be able to get back to it.