Week Beginning 2nd June 2014

Another four-day week for me, as I’m taking the Friday off.  I spent the majority of this week doing DSL development.  The main thing I’ve added is the search results to the entry page.  These appear in a column to the left of the entry, and I’ve created tabs within this for SND and DOST results.  I’ve added pagination to these lists too (20 results displayed at any one time), and this works in the same way to the ‘browse’ facility, with up and down arrows.  I’ve also made the column ‘sticky’ (i.e. it stays fixed on screen if the entry is longer than a page and you scroll down). I might add options in to show / hide the left and right hand columns so people can focus more on the entry itself.  Note that on devices with narrow screens the search results appear above the entry, so having the option to show / hide the results would probably be useful here if nowhere else.  I’ve also added a link to the advanced search to the search results column in the entry page.  I’ve added pagination to the actual results page too, and this works in the same way as in the entry page.   I’ve also updated the results page so that if you perform a quick search that yields no results it automatically performs a full text search for your term.  That’s a few more items ticked off me ‘to do’ list now – I think we’re getting there.

Other than DSL tasks an important thing I managed to resolve this week was the problem I’d encountered in submitting apps to the App store.  I kept getting errors relating to certificates when submitting ARIES and Readings, even thought the Grammar app submitted with no problems.  It turned out that Xcode somehow hadn’t updated the provisioning profiles that were associated with my account.  I found a post on Stack Overflow (the link to which I have unfortunately lost) that suggested reloading the provisioning profiles through Xcode -> Preferences -> Accounts -> View Details window and then closing and reopening Xcode.  I did this and the problem was solved.  Phew!  After that I managed to get ARIES and Readings submitted.  They should hopefully be approved and available through the App Store by the weekend.

My other main task of the week was finishing off a first version of the Mapping Metaphor poster for DH2014.  I managed to squeeze pretty much all of the required information on to the poster (without making it illegible) and sent it on to Wendy and Rachael.  Wendy made a few more tweaks and that’s it all done.

I’m off on Monday next week too and will be back to work on the Tuesday.