Week Beginning 19th May 2014

I was on holiday last week, having a very relaxing time on a beach in Turkey.  Whilst I was away I heard that Nigel Leask’s AHRC bid about Thomas Pennant has been suffessful, which is fantastic news.  On my return to work this week I got stuck back into the various tasks that are ongoing at the moment.  I attended a SAMUELS meeting with the folks from Lancaster on Monday morning.  I’m still not officially involved with the project (that will begin in July) but it was still very useful to sit in the meeting and hear about how things are developing.  I had a further chat with the Glasgow team members this week too about updating the HT database to incorporate the new SAMUALS classification fields that Fraser and Christian are putting together.  I’m still not entirely sure when they need me to implement these updates, but I’m getting a better idea now about what is required.

I spent a bit of time this week sorting out my new laptop, or more specifically setting it up to dual boot into Windows as well as OSX.  I’m not really a Mac sort of person and a lot of the software I use is Windows based.  Arts Support was able to supply me with the necessary media and the instructions for setting up dual booting provided by Apple were pretty straightforward to follow.  It didn’t take a massive amount of time to get Windows set up and all my usual software installed on the little machine.  Having got Windows set up I actually spent quite a bit of time using OSX this week, as I continued working towards the publication of the three STELLA apps.  I had previously managed to get ARIES working in an iOS emulator running on my laptop, but to actually deploy the app to my iPad so as to test it on real hardware I needed a developer account.  I was going to sign up for one of these myself when I realised this would mean that I would be listed as the publisher of the app in the App Store, rather than University of Glasgow, or STELLA.  I did some investigation into this and found out a couple of things.  Firstly, it’s not possible to just enter the details of any organisation (e.g. STELLA); instead you need to have a lot of formal information about an organisation (e.g. it must be a legal entity, it must have a ‘DUNS’ number (whatever that is).  So it wasn’t possible to create a STELLA account.  Instead I investigated whether there may already be a University of Glasgow account already set up that we could use.  After a couple of false starts I managed to track down the creator of the University of Glasgow student app, Ger Malcolm in the Communications Office.  He was very helpful and allowed me to use this account, with the understanding being that STELLA will take over payment of the developer fee in future years.  Having received access to a developer account and after a bit of trial and error I managed to register my iPad and deploy all three apps onto it!  All three appear to be working fine, although the ‘Readings’ app is over 100MB in size due to the number of MP3s contained within it.  I might have to store these remotely instead.  It was hugely satisfying to see them all running on the device, although there is still more work to be done, such as creating proper icons for all three apps, plus loading screens and App store info.  I’m hoping to get all this sorted next week.

Other tasks this week included setting up the basic structure for a WordPress powered conference website for Carole Hough.  This didn’t take too long as it was basically a case of taking the existing structure I had set up for ICOS and applying it to a new WordPress instance.  I also had a chat with Flora about the data for the new DSL project that I’m working on for Jean and I had an email discussion with Jane Stuart-Smith and the people in the University who are wanting to set up a data centre about some of the requirements for Arts data.

I also took part in a couple of Mapping Metaphor meetings this week.  The first one was to go over the feedback from the website testing sessions that took place at the colloquium and in the US.  Most of the feedback was very positive and there were a great deal of very useful comments that we will be taking on board once I get back into the development work (which probably won’t be until September due to other work commitments I have in the meantime).  The second meeting was to discuss the poster session at DH2014 and the contents of the poster.  We agreed who would write what and we will be meeting again next Friday to get all the elements put together on the poster.

I spent the remainder of the week continuing with DSL development work.  I added the first of the ancillary pages, made some further tweaks to the way authors and titles are displayed in the entry pages and implemented the ‘Bibliography’ pages.