Week Beginning 22nd July 2013

Another short week as I’m off on Friday, and all of next week too.  There’s not a massive amount to report this week.  I spent a bit more time working on the AHRC bid for Nigel, mostly just tying up a few loose ends and gathering some final costings.  On Tuesday I met with Stevie Barratt to help him with the Corpus Server.  He was wanting to set up a separate corpus instance specifically for DASG but ran into problems getting things set up.  I spent a fair bit of time going through old emails and trying to remember how we dealt with the software last time, as it has been several months since I last looked into Corpus issues.  Stevie and I spent a couple of hours going through things but although a little bit of progress was made we didn’t manage to crack to problem by the end of this time.  There is some issue preventing the install script from creating the required tables in MySQL, which is very odd as we have updated the privileges to be exactly the same as when we set things up last time and reloaded MySQL so the changes would take effect.  It was all a bit frustrating and it was disappointing not to be able to get to the bottom of things.  I hope Stevie manages to find the cause of the problem.

Other than corpus and AHRC related matters I spent some more time working on the mock-ups for the DSL website, including a fifth version of the interface plus adding homepage content to the mock-ups to see how the layouts look with actual content in place.  I emailed the URLs for the designs to the SLD people on Thursday and will continue to work on the mock-ups when I’m back from my holidays based on any feedback I hear from them.