Week Beginning 15th July 2013

This week was a short one, bookended by the Glasgow Fair holiday on the Monday and the Friday afternoon that I took as annual leave. Despite this it was a pretty hectic week, focussed primarily on the writing of an AHRC technical plan for a bid that Nigel Leask is putting together with a colleague in Aberystwyth. I spent the majority of the week researching the project and the technology that could be employed to ensure the project outputs come to fruition, meeting with Nigel, emailing the potential PI at Aberystwyth, Mary-Ann Constantine, and other people who will be involved in the project in some capacity, such as people at the Early Modern Letters Online project at the Bodleian Library (see http://emlo.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/). A lot of time was also spent writing the technical plan itself, plus contributing to sections of the main bid. Graeme Cannon in HATII very kindly offered to review my technical plan, which was very helpful. On Friday morning I emailed a first complete version of the plan to Mary-Ann, and hopefully the bid will be submitted in the next week.
Other than bid related work, I managed to squeeze in another couple of Historical Thesaurus tasks (the main one being the upload and fixing of various hyphen forms that Christian had emailed to me), plus I made some further updates to the content of the Digital Humanities website. I also provided some advices to Justin Livingston in English Literature about text encoding and I added some new content to the Burns website in time for the anniversary of Burn’s death on the 21st.