Week Beginning 4th August 2013

I’m back at work this week after a very relaxing week’s holiday on Skye.  The weather was unexpectedly pleasant and there were minimal midges and the scenery was spectacular.  So, back to work now.  Quite a bit of my time this week was spent taken up with AHRC bid related matters.  I guess summer is the time when people like to work on these things because there have been a few flying around.  I gave some further input into Nigel Leask’s bid this week, adding some final touches to the Technical Plan and giving feeback on the rest of the bid documents.  Nigel’s counterpart in Aberystwyth submitted the bid on Tuesday and now we’ll just need to wait and see if it gets approved.  I also worked with Alison Wiggins to prepare a Technical Plan for a follow-on funding bid she is putting together for Bess of Hardwick.  I spent a couple of days writing the plan, but unfortunately Alison appears to have run into some issues with the structure of the project and she’s now going to hold off submitting until she has more time to consult the other participants.   Nevertheless writing the plan was still very good experience and I’m sure at least parts of it will be able to be reused once the updated bid is reconsidered.  I also met with Marc Alexander to discuss a further AHRC bid, this time one relating to the ‘Big Data’ call.  The project sounds perfectly suited to the call and will probably involve me in its second phase, if it gets funded.  I’ve offered to help with the Technical Plan for this project if needs be, but I think there are already a number of technical people involved in the project.

A new task I began this week was to begin work on the ‘web’ version of the Grammar app.  I’ve spent about a day on this so far, but I’m still getting things set up – working with the template files and defining the site structure and navigation paths.  It’s slightly tedious work but once it’s done the actual conversion of the pages from ‘app’ to ‘web’ shouldn’t take too long.  I also made a few tweaks to the Burns website this week, just simple stuff such as changing names and content.

On Friday I began looking into the SCOTS website and started to create a scoping study for its redevelopment.  Wendy would like the site to be brought up to date visually before the REF deadline and I’ve been working out what needs to be updated and how long everything will take.  In addition to reworking the site’s design and navigation, there are some bits of functionality that need to be updated and some new functionality that people would like to see included, so there is a substantial amount of work to do.  But the visual redesign is the priority for now.