Week Beginning 31st July 2017

This week was another four-day week for me as I was on holiday on Friday.  I will also be on holiday all next week.  As I am currently between any pressing deadlines and I didn’t want to start anything major before my holiday, I decided to return to the migration of one of the old STELLA resources to the University’s T4 website this week.  The resource in question is STARN (the Scots Teaching and Resource Network).  It’s a collection of Scottish literary and non-literary materials that was mainly compiled in the 90s.  Although the old site mostly still worked it looked very old fashioned and contained many broken links.  I had started to migrate the site across to T4 before Christmas last year during a bit of slack time I had, but as things got busier I had to leave the migration half done and focus on current research projects instead.  When I returned to it this week I discovered I was right in the middle of migrating Sir Walter Scott’s Waverley novels, which was something of a mammoth task.  There were countless chapters that each needed their own pages, then I needed to add ‘next’ and ‘previous’ links to all of these after I’d created the pages, then I needed to create contents pages and a variety of ancillary pages.  It was a tedious, time-consuming and pretty brainless task, but there is a certain amount of satisfaction to be gained from getting it all done.    You can now access the STARN resource here: http://www.gla.ac.uk/schools/critical/aboutus/resources/stella/projects/starn/

I also spent a bit of time this week speaking to Alison Wiggins about her upcoming AHRC project that starts in September and I will be involved with for a small amount of my time.  I also set up a subdomain for Stuart Gillespie’s project.  I’m going to be helping out on an interview panel for a post in another School within the College in September and I spent a bit of time going through the applications for this too.  There’s not really much else to say about the work I did this week.  Once I’m back after my holiday I’ll need to focus on the new version of the ARIES app that is due to launch in September (all being well) and I need to get back into developing the atlas for the SCOSYA project.