Week Beginning 4th August 2014

A very late report this week as I was on holiday on the Friday afternoon and Monday to Wednesday of the following week.  Despite being a very busy week this is going to be a bit of a short report due to the time that has elapsed!  I spent the majority of the week continuing to go through the list of outstanding tasks for the DSL redevelopment following on from last week’s meeting – ticking off 16 of the 33 items, plus making some further tweaks that Ann had identified.  These included fixing some further XSLT errors, ‘unfixing’ the footer so it’s not always visible on screen, fixing the fixed header print bug, fixing the jittery page error when scrolling down entries that are only just longer than the page, tweaking the layout of a number of elements such as the position of the ‘cite’ button and the advanced search page and reducing the number of browse results that are displayed when the browser window is below a certain height.

In addition to DSL work, I also spent some time working with the Burns people.  On Tuesday I went to Edinburgh with Pauline to meet with Chris Fleet at the NLS regarding the Burns tour maps.  It was a really useful meeting and it was very helpful indeed to talk with Chris and his colleague Daniel.  I showed them some mock-ups of the tour maps I’d previously made using OpenLayers and we explained the sort of thing we were after (a panable, zoomable map with icons that you could click on to open up pop-ups containing HTML).  I had thought that OpenLayers required latitude and longitude values in order to ‘pin’ markers on an image but Chris said that this wasn’t the case and that pixel coordinates could be used instead.  Pauline and I were expecting to get some advice from  Chris and then I would then develop my existing mock-ups further based on this advice but instead Chris and Daniel agreed to make initial interactive versions of the tour maps for us, which was absolutely brilliant.  A couple of days later Chris emailed an initial version of one of the tour maps, complete with the tour route plotted as a vector later and markers pinned to the route.  It’s all looking very promising indeed.  I placed my simple mockup versions of the three tour maps on the website for now, with the plan being we will replace these with the fancier, more interactive ones in the next couple of months once they are available.  Also this week I uploaded a new batch of prose recordings.

My final major task of the week was to tackle the renumbering of the Historical Thesaurus.  Christian and Fraser have been hard at work rationalising and correcting the HT category hierarchy and provided me with a rather large document of required changes.  This was quite a large task to tackle, involving the moving around of tens of thousands of HT categories which obviously required a great deal of care to ensure that data wasn’t lost, incorrectly amalgamated or mangled in some other way.  I managed to complete the necessary changes to ‘The External World’ and ‘The Mental World’ this week, and will tackle the remaining category once I’m back from my holiday on Skye next week.