Week Beginning 11th August 2014

I was on holiday for the first three days of this week (a very pleasant but somewhat wet trip to Skye) and was back to work on the Thursday.  Despite being a short working week I managed to cram quite a lot in, most of which revolved around responses to the reviews of two AHRC bids that had come back.  The first was Carole’s place-name project.  I read the reviews, formulated some responses to the some of the technical matters that were raised and participated in a meeting with the prospective project team on the Friday morning.  A response is now being written by Thomas Clancy and hopefully the review panel will go well.  The other project was Jennifer’s dialect syntax project.  There were fewer issues raised with this project and I managed to supply the feedback required from me in email form.  Fingers crossed for this one too.

Other than bid related stuff and the usual catching up with emails that always seem to be waiting on return from a holiday, I continued with the updates to the Historical Thesaurus that I had begun before I went away.  The HT is undergoing a large-scale renumbering of categories (with tens of thousands having their numbers updated).  I had previously completed work on two of the three sections and this week I completed the renumbering of the third section (The Social World).  It was a slightly laborious and tricky process but it’s all done now and would appear to have been a success.  I also made some further updates to the HT categories that Fraser had emailed me about separately.

I also had a meeting on Friday with a guy called Adam Wyner from Aberdeen University.  He is a computer scientist who is involved in a number of Digital Humanities projects (and potential projects) at Aberdeen and he wanted to discuss his research and the research that is being undertaken at Glasgow.  One of the main areas he is currently investigating is the creation of a sort of European-wide ontology of machine readable dictionaries and he was really hoping to get access to the DSL data.  I showed him the new DSL website, some of the source XML files plus gave him a glimpse of the API but pointed him in the direction of the SLD people for any access to this data.  He was also interested in the Historical Thesaurus and the SAMUELS project.

I was hoping to get back into the outstanding DSL redevelopment tasks this week but what with everything else that was going on I simply ran out of time.  However, I will be focussing on the DSL almost exclusively next week, all being well.