Week Beginning 9th June 2014

This week was my third and final four-day week in a row, having taken the Monday off.  Whilst I was away the ARIES and Readings apps were added to the App Store, so all three apps are now publicly available.  There has been some feedback regarding usability of the apps from a couple of people and there are a few things I’ll need to fix and improve.  I started working on this on Friday this week, and by the end of the day I had an updated version of the Grammar app ready to deploy.  Unfortunately the University of Glasgow account needs to have a legal person approve a new contract before any further access (such as creating new app versions) can take place and I’ll have to wait until someone is back from his holidays next week before I can get the new, improved version of the app published.

I spent quite a bit of time this week doing AHRC related tasks, which included reading through the documentation and attending a meeting with Katie Lowe and Marc about a new project they are putting together.  I also spent a little time updating some Mapping Metaphor data for Ellen.

The remainder of my time was spent on DSL tasks.  The main thing I completed was to provide facilities for a user to hide the search results column when they are looking at the entry page.  This frees up a lot more space.  It proved to be slightly tricky to get this to work as a lot of different styles had to be updated, with some only to be updated at certain screen widths, or if the user is partially scrolled down the page.  But I think I’ve got it all working now.

Quite a short report this week, really, mainly because some of the things that took up quite a bit of time (i.e. AHRC related stuff) are things that I can’t really divulge here.