Week Beginning March 3rd 2014

A short week this week as I took Thursday and Friday off as a holiday.  Most of my three days of work was spent on the Mapping Metaphor website, working on the visualisations and the search.  I attended a project meeting on Monday to talk about some questions that had built up regarding the website, and also to discuss plans for day two of the colloquium, which is fast approaching.  On day two I will give a 15 minute talk about the development of the visualisations and a walkthrough of the website and then we will ask people to try out the website and hopefully give us some constructive feedback.

Returning to the development of the visualisations and the website, I finally got round to updating the algorithm that pulls metaphor connections out of the database this week.  Previously it was pulling out connections based on the cat1 column only – e.g. show all category B connections would only return any connections with cat1 starting with B.  Now the algorithm is looking at both cat1 and cat2 – e.g. showing all category B connections now finds connections with a B in cat2 in addition to those with a B in cat1.  This has greatly increased the amount of data that gets returned and I’m afraid in many cases the visualisations were getting completely swamped.  I only uncovered this towards the end of Wednesday, but my two days off gave me time to consider some possible solutions to the problem.

Also for the Metaphor project this week I made some arrangements regarding the DH2014 conference in Lausanne.  It’s looking like I will be attending this event, which is really good news.  There has been a lot of toing and froing with Wendy, Marc and Fraser about the arrangements but by the end of the week the big decisions had been made (e.g. which project is paying for what, travel arrangements, hotels).

Other than Mapping Metaphor stuff, this week I did a bit more tweaking of the CogTop website, some further work on the technical plan for George Pattison’s project and a little more work on the Choral Burns website.