Week Beginning 16th December 2013

A very short report this week as I was on holiday on the Monday, Thursday and Friday.  This is my last week before Christmas and I will be back in the office the week beginning the 6th of January.  About half of my available time this week (i.e. a day!) was spent on the Scottish Words and Place-Names project.  I arranged with Chris to set up a temporary domain where a new version of the project website will be located until we turn the existing website off.  I also met with Carole to go through the updates to the content and structure that I will be implementing.  On Wednesday I made a start on the task of migrating the content across from the old site and setting up a new version of the Place-Name glossary.

Other than SWAP stuff, I spent a little time reviewing the documents Ann Ferguson sent as a result of the DSL meeting last week and I spent a small amount of time on Mapping Metaphor matters.  Tuesday afternoon was spent at the ‘Digital Innovations’ event arranged by Fraser Rowan and Arts Lab.  There were two main sessions, the first gave attendees the opportunity to hear from people at Glasgow Life about some of the digital developments that have been taking place across museums, archives, libraries and beyond.  It was really interesting to hear some of the things that have been going on, such as the redevelopment of their online presences, the use of apps and interactives, and the development of new resources such as the Glasgow Life photo library.  The second session gave people within the University who are involved in innovative digital projects relating to the public sector the opportunity to discuss their work, and again this was a very interesting session, with presentations from people involved in the Hunterian and the archives amongst other projects such as Mapping Metaphor.

That’s all there is to report for this year.  I’ll be back the week of the 6th.  Have a great Christmas and New Year!