Week beginning 9th December 2013

Another short week this week as I had taken Monday and Friday off as holiday.  I attended a further meeting with the SLD people in Edinburgh on Thursday to discuss the redevelopment of the Dictionary of the Scots Language.  It was a very useful meeting where we discussed both the webhosting agreement and the development of the API and the website as well.  We decided on a number of improvements and amendments to the webhosting agreement and hopefully both parties will be in a position to sign it in the next few weeks.  It was also really useful to talk to their developer, Peter Bell, again about the API.  We discussed the API requirements document that I had circulated in June and agreed on the functionality that the API should include.  Peter should hopefully be able to send me some sample output content soon as well (in JSON and XML format) and this will allow me to proceed with the development of the front end – eventually replacing these ‘stub’ output files with actual content generated from the API.

Other than preparing for and attending the DSL meeting I spent a bit of time updating various Burns related things, including updating the other ‘non-T4 but looks like T4’ Burns project that didn’t have quite the right layout or correct menus.  It can be accessed here:


I also set up a new ‘Word of the Week’ feature on the Editing Burns for the 21st Century website.  Jonathan, one of the PhD students, is going to be writing blog posts each week about a word and its usage by Burns, and the structure for this is now in place and can be viewed at the bottom of the homepage:


There were also some discussions this week about the Scottish Words and Place-Names website, which was launched in 2009 but has been exhibiting some stability problems due to the underlying architecture of the site.  It was agreed that I would spend a little time redeveloping this website, which I aim to start on next week, if I have time.