Week beginning 3rd December 2013

A bit of a late report this week as I’m using up some holiday time in the run-up to Christmas as was therefore off on Friday.  I was also ‘off’ on Tuesday this week too as it was another strike day, making it a bit of a short week for me.  This week I completed the redevelopment of the Grammar App exercises, including the ‘full analysis’ sentences.  As I had hoped, my redeveloped code worked pretty smoothly with these more complicated exercises, with the algorithms constructing exercises with multiple box types in much the same way as it handled the single box types of earlier exercises.  There were some formatting issues that needed to be addressed, though.  For example, the code was placing the function label answer boxes in a new column rather than positioning it in the same column as the bracket and form label boxes.  All this is sorted now, though.  You can view the redeveloped exercises here:


I attended a couple of meetings this week, the first being a Mapping Metaphor project meeting on Monday.  As always it was good to get an update on developments in the project, although I didn’t really have much to contribute this time as I have been focussing on other projects since the last meeting.  I will get back into the development of the visualisations after Christmas.  The second meeting was a HATII developers meeting, which as a good opportunity to talk to other developers in the College of Arts and hear about their projects and technologies.

The rest of the week (what there was of it) I spent looking into Burns related issues, specifically at a couple of small online projects that looked like they were part of T4 but weren’t actually so.  These had some broken links and were positioned within the School pages rather than within the Centre for Robert Burns Studies hierarchy and I wanted to fix these issues.  I manage to update one of them (http://www.robertburnsmemorials.arts.gla.ac.uk/) and I will update the other next week.