Week Beginning 9th October 2023

I came down with some sort of flu-like illness last Friday evening and was still unwell on Monday and unable to work.  Thankfully I was well enough to work again on Tuesday, although getting through the day was hard work.  I was also off on holiday on Friday this week so only ended up working three days.  I’ll be on holiday all of next week as well as it’s the school half-term and we have a family holiday booked.

I was involved in the migration of the Historical Thesaurus website to a new server for a lot of this week.  This required a lot of testing of the newly migrated site and a significant number of small updates to the code to ensure everything worked properly.  Thankfully by Thursday all was working well and I was able to go on my holiday without worrying about the site.

Also this week I did some further work on the Books and Borrowing project, which included generating several different spreadsheets of book holdings that have no associated borrowing records and discussing the options of creating downloadable bundles of all data associated with each specific library.

I also did some work for the Dictionaries of the Scots Language, including investigating an issue with the new quotations search that is not yet live but is running on our test server.  A phrase search for quotations was now working, but an identical phrase search using the full-text index was working fine.  This was a bit of a strange one as it looks like the new Solr quotation search is not picking up the fact that a phrase search is being run.  I tried running the search directly on the Solr instance I’d set up on my laptop and the same thing was happening: I gave it a phrase surrounded by double quotes but these were being ignored.  An identical search on the fulltext Solr index picked up the presence of quotes and successfully performed a search for the phrase.  The only difference between the two fields is that the fulltext fields was set to ‘text_general’ while the quote search was set to ‘text_en’.  I therefore set up a new version of the quote index with the field set to ‘text_general’ and this solved the problem.  I’m still in the dark as to why, though, and I can’t find any information online about the issue.

I also responded to a request from Craig Lamont in Scottish Literature about a new proposal he’s putting together.  If it gets funded I’ll be involved with the project, making a website, an interactivem map and a timeline.  I also had a conversation with Rhona Brown about the website for her new project, which I’ll set up after I’m back from my holiday.