Week Beginning 3rd February 2014

I was on holiday last week – I forgot to mention that in my previous post.  On returning after a week off there was quite a mountain of things to get through, for example fixing the ICOS2014 website, which had managed to lose a lot of its formatting and layout during a server migration and site upgrade.  I also began setting up the website for another project for Carole (although there is still a lot to do for this).

I prepared for and attended a few meetings this week, including a Mapping Metaphor project meeting, a SAMUELS meeting and the first meeting of the ‘Local Advisory Group’ for the newly started ‘Historical Thesaurus of Scots’ project.  I also provided some help and advice for Vivien Williams regarding sound files and website matters for the new ‘Robert Burns Choral Settings’ project.

Thursday was another Strike day, but most of the week was spent researching and writing the Technical Plan for a new place-names survey project involving Carole, Thomas Clancy and Simon Taylor.  I attended a further meeting with the people involved in putting the bid together on Tuesday, where lots of my questions were answered and most of the outstanding matters related to technical issues were cleared up.  I had a very useful e-mail conversation with Chris Fleet of the NLS about using their historical maps for this project, and I also had a detailed and very worthwhile phonecall with Shaun Hare, the technical developer of the ‘Digital Exposure of English Place-names’ (DEEP) project about the technical underpinnings of their online resource, which is in many ways similar to the resource that our project wants to make available.  I spent the bulk of Friday writing the Technical Plan and managed to email it to the other project people before the end of the day.  There’s not much more I can report about the contents of the bid or the Technical Plan at this stage, but here’s hoping it’s successful.