Week Beginning 20th January 2014

A bit of a brief post this week as I’m running short of time.  I didn’t get round to continuing my investigations of the problems getting Inkscape to run on the server for the Mapping Metaphor project as I ended up having a lot of other projects to look at and meeting to go to.  However, thinking about the issue over the weekend I think if we just provide the option to allow people to download the SVG files that might actually be sufficient – if people want to create PNGs from the SVG files then they can do this themselves using the graphics package of their choice.  I might come back to the issue of PNG creation in future, but for now I’m leaving it.

I spent most of Monday this week setting up a new website for the ‘Robert Burns Choral Settings’ project.  The site design and a bare bones structure is now in place, and I am awaiting some content from Vivien and Kirsteen now.  I also had a lot of sound files to generate and upload for the main BurnsC21 website in preparation for Burns’ Night on Saturday.

I also spent a fair amount of time working on the technical plan for Carole’s new place-name bid – mostly doing research into existing solutions and the sample data that Simon sent to me.  I created a rather extensive list of questions during the course of this research which I emailed Carole, Simon and Thomas, and I attended a meeting with them to discuss the bid on Friday.  I had an email conversation with Stevie Barratt about the Fife place-name data that is also of relevance to the new bid, as it will share the same structure (and hopefully the same underlying system) as the data for the new project.   It will be great if we can establish a system that can be used for all the place-name survey data for the whole of Scotland.

I also met with Rhian Williams to discuss the structure of the data she will be gathering for a project she is starting next week.  We went through some sample data and I helped her create an Access database that she will use whilst away doing fieldwork.

In addition, I spent a little time speaking to Peter about the server for the DSL website, access to it and also the API.