Week beginning 21st October 2013

This week I polished off the remaining tasks related to the redevelopment of the SCOTS website (mainly just updating site text) and moved on to the CMSW website.  I made good progress with the redevelopment and by the end of the week I had completed work on all of the ancillary pages plus the search and browse mechanism.  I’m still midway through tackling the ‘view document’ page, but most of the functionality is in place, such as viewing the document, viewing the document metadata, highlighting search terms etc.

There is still work to be done, however, as CMSW is quite different to SCOTS in some respects, namely that it provides access to colour and greyscale scans of the texts.  In the original site some kind of HTML generator must have been used to create an individual HTML page for every image in the site (so many hundreds of pages).  I could update the design of all of these by creating a batch process, but I think it would be better to use just one single PHP script to generate the pages as required instead.  It’s a much more efficient way of doing things and will make updating the page design considerably easier in future.  I created a PHP script that ran through all of the image directories and logged the image filenames as a JSON file, which I will then use as the ‘database’ for generating a count of the number of images of each document, the thumbnail index page for each document and the individual webpage for each full-size page image.  I aim to get all of this done next week, all being well.

In addition to CMSW work I also gave some feedback to Jean about the web hosting agreement between the University and SLD.  I’m going to need to arrange a meeting with SLD people soon as well as I will be unable to attend next Thursday’s meeting.

I also attended a couple of meetings this week, firstly a Mapping Metaphor meeting on Monday and then a meeting with the Burns people on Wednesday.  The Mapping meeting was useful, especially as we discussed an abstract I have been involved n writing for a conference, and also the plans for the colloquium next year, where I will be running a testing session for the visualisation interface.  The Burns meeting was a good opportunity to meet the new staff who have recently started working for the project, and we also discussed some of the outstanding project ideas such as the timeline and the interactive map.  Hopefully we can get things moving with the map soon.