Week beginning 14th October 2013

I continued with the redevelopment of the SCOTS website for most of this week.  I completed work on the ‘Document’ page, adding in the facilities to view video clips, listen to sound clips and synchronise the speech with the transcriptions.  The multimedia clips still rely on the Quicktime plugin at this stage, and eventually I will migrate these to native HTML5 formats (MP3 and OGG Vorbis for audio, MP4 and OGG Theora for video), but that migration will happen some time down the line.  I also want to alter how the player controls and video window operate.  Currently they open in a separate browser window, but it would be better to keep the controls in a fixed portion of the main browser window to make it easier to operate on touchscreen displays and multi-browser window confusion.

After completing work on the document page I then began to tackle the Advanced Search page, which was rather tricky and time consuming to update, given that there are so many different parts to it – the search criteria selection, the overview, the map, the document list, the concordance and the ‘download multiple documents as a zip’ facility.  By Friday lunchtime I had managed to get all the functionality working with the new design.  The map will still need some major work in a future phase of redevelopment, however.  It still uses the Google Maps API 2 and Google has officially deprecated this now.  I’ll need to update everything to version 3 of the API, but this isn’t something to be tackled at the moment.

On Friday afternoon Wendy sent me the updated text for the website and I began to make the necessary changes.  I didn’t quite manage to get it all updated but will complete this next week.  After that I’ll tackle the redevelopment of CMSW which shouldn’t take as long as it is a simpler site (at least it appears to be – perhaps once I dig into it I’ll find that it has its own complications).

Other than SCOTS related stuff, I attended a couple of meetings this week.  The first was with Rhian Williams in English Literature to discuss a research project she will be embarking on after Christmas.  I gave her some advice about the sort of tools she could use to record her research and we will be meeting again some time closer to the start date of her project so I can help her establish some data structures.

The other meeting was another DROG meeting, the first one since June.  As always, it was a good opportunity to hear about other projects in the School that have a digital component and also to report back about the work I have been doing over the past few months.