Week Beginning 24th June 2013

A rather late post this week as I ran out of time on Friday and was on holiday the following Monday.  I spent the start of this week finishing off all of the outstanding tasks relating to the HT redevelopment that I could tackle before meeting Marc and Christian again.  The biggest of these tasks was updating the advanced search to change the way dates can be searched.  Previously there were single ‘OE’ and ‘Current’ boxes, plus ‘to’ and ‘from’ boxes for first and last cited dates.  At the previous meeting we had agreed to change this so that ‘OE’ and ‘Current’ could be applied to first and last cited instead of supplying years.  It makes sense to handle it this way – now for example you can select a first cited date between OE and 1500, or a first cited date of OE and a last cited date of OE, if you just want to look at Old English words.  Other than updating the fields the date search uses and deciding on how to use stop words the HT is now pretty much completed.

I spent some time this week writing a brief requirements document for the redevelopment of the Dictionary of the Scots Language, or more specifically, a list of calls that the front end will need to send to the API, and the API will need to support.  There are about 10 calls that I think need to be supported, although once Peter has a chance to look through the document he may come up with some further ones.  For each call I specified the variables that will be passed to the API, the data the API should return, and the format this should take, an indication of the importance of the call, and a description of where and why the call is likely to be made.  Until I hear back from Peter there’s not much else I can do with regards to the requirements now.  I’ll try to get some server space set up for us to use for test purposes next week and after that I’ll begin working on some plain HTML mock-ups of the front end.

For the rest of the week I returned to the STELLA apps.  I’d had some feedback about the ARIES app that for the spelling exercise a backspace key would be really helpful, so I implemented that.  After that I got back into the development of the Grammar exercises, which is a bit of a slog.  By the end of the week I managed to get quite a lot done though, and I think I’m not at least two thirds of the way through the exercises.  It will be good to see the back of them!

I had a few chats with people this week about current and future projects, including Ruth Dunster in Theology who has a rather out of date project website should would like to move to Glasgow, and Robert Maslen who is planning on putting together a large text based project involving the BL which sounds really exciting.