Week Beginning 1st July 2013

I was on Holiday on Monday this week and on Tuesday I continued with the redevelopment of the Grammar app, which is getting slightly closer to completion now.  I aim to have both the app and the web version completed by the end of July, all being well.  Also on Tuesday I met with Lloyd Ridgeon to discuss a project he would like to put together related to Sufi studies.  It was a good meeting and if the figures work out I should be able to start defining a specification for his website in the next month or so.

On Wednesday I began working on some flat HTML mock-ups of the new interface for the DSL website.  So far I’ve created a overall page interface for two versions, although I still need to actually create the in-page elements too.  I’ll probably create one more version as well, and once all three are in place I’ll distribute the URLs.  I also spoke to Chris about setting up a server for the project, and by the end of the week he had set up a dedicated server, which is great.

On Thursday I had an HT catch-up meeting with Christian and Marc, which as always was very useful.  Just about everything on my ‘to do’ list is ticked off and the few remaining items that were not ticked off were discussed and a course of action was decided upon.  I spent the remainder of the week going through these items and dealing with them (e.g. generating empty categories for parts of speech where there is a subcategory but no main category, fixing bugs in the date search, updating the ‘appe’ field to use the ‘lastdb’ field if this contains a value and creating a more prominent ‘back to search results’ option.