Week Beginning 3rd June 2013

This week I continued to work through my ‘to do’ list for the Historical Thesaurus website.  The biggest thing I tackled was to make subcategories properly hierarchical within the category page.  I had previously implemented a nice little indented list of subcategories, with a greater indentation representing a lower level subcategory, and this appears (when the user asks for it) on the category page when viewing a main category that has one or more subcategories.  But if the user clicks to view a subcategory and it contains lower level subcategories or is a child of a higher level subcategory none of this information was being represented – instead all subcategories were flattened and being treated as if they were all one level down from the main category.  After quite a bit of reworking of the category page I managed to sort this.  Now when viewing a subcategory any parent subcategories appear in the ‘Up hierarchy to’ bar (with a darker background colour to differentiate these from main categories) and any child categories appear in the subcategory section, as happens with a main category.  An example of this can be seen here:


I made some further updates to the user interface as well this week, including adding in an option to select all verb forms to the Part of Speech selection section of the Advanced Search page, and a facility to allow users to easily enter ashes, thorns and yoghs into the word search box by simply clicking on a button.  I also look some more into optimising the advanced search and I have succeeded in speeding up the search algorithm significantly in most cases.

I also spent quite a bit of time this week finalising the Digital Humanities website before next Monday’s launch.  The university web design was altered slightly this week so I had to update the DHN template to accurately reflect this.  I also made some further tweaks to the layout and added some further content.  I also had to prepare my 5 minute talk on the redevelopment of the STELLA teaching applications, which I will give at the event, and I met with Jeremy to discuss how we will jointly demo the content of the website.  Hopefully all will go smoothly.

I met with Jean on Tuesday to discuss the Digital Humanities event and to finalise a few details.  I also had a phone conversation with Ann Ferguson at Scottish Dictionaries about the redevelopment of the Dictionary of the Scots Language, which I will be involved with in the coming months.  We will be having a meeting in Edinburgh to discuss things further next Thursday, and Ann sent me some mock-ups and requirements information about the proposed redesign, which was very useful.

I also had a chat with Pauline MacKay about the Burns timeline that we were hoping to publish this month.  It would appear that there have been some delays with the Prose Volume and it now looks like the timeline won’t need to go live until January instead, but we had a useful chat about some of the other outstanding issues, including maps and the podcasts that need to go live next month.