Week Beginning 3rd December

An early post this week as I’ve taken the Friday off as it’s the HATII Christmas party, which I’ll be attending.  As it’s starting at 3pm I thought it best not to take up SCS time with non-SCS revelries!  This week I started (and indeed completed) the ‘web’ version of ‘Readings in Early English’, which emulates the University’s T4 look and feel.  As with the App version it doesn’t have a proper home yet, but you can see at test version at the following temporary URL:  http://www.arts.gla.ac.uk/STELLA/briantest/web/readings/

Also this week I continued to work with the Burns website.  I spent quite a bit of time this week working with the song pages and comments.  I generated OGG versions of the songs (required for the HTML5 player when viewing the pages in Firefox, which doesn’t support MP3) and created sub-pages for each song, with both the ‘download’ option and the HTML5 in-browser playing facilities in place.  I also added these items to the menu and ensured everything was displaying properly.  I also found a way to limit comments to certain pages – basically telling the system to not show the comments options if the page ID matches one of the existing top-level pages.

The final large-ish task relating to songs was to ensure that the ‘download monitor’ stats continued to log hits even if users play the song in their browser rather than downloads the song.  I used Jquery to attach an event handler to the ‘play’ function of the HTML5 Audio controls.  Every time a user clicks ‘play’ Jquery fires an AJAX request to a little script I’ve written that connects to the ‘download monitor’ script, logging a hit in the same way as when the user clicks to download a song.

I’m still waiting to get other content for the song pages from Pauline, and I hope to have a meeting with her soon to view this content and to show her the changes I’ve made, which are currently only operational on my local PC.

I spent a morning this week attending ‘Area Fire Officer’ training.  I’ve been designated the fire officer for 11 and 13 University Gardens so I had to attend this course, which was very useful as beforehand I knew next to nothing about what my duties might entail.  I spent some further time this week checking out the buildings, fire extinguishers, fire doors etc and I also conducted my first fire alarm test, much to the surprise of my colleagues in 13 University Gardens where the alarm not only makes an absolute racket but actually tells people to flee the building.

Other than the above tasks I had a catch-up meeting with Jeremy, which went well.  It was strange looking down on my office from his window as from that vantage point you can pretty much see my entire office.  For the remainder of the week I worked on the mobile interface of the Bess of Hardwick website.  It’s a bit tricky to do this as I’m having to work on a static HTML representation of the site, meaning it’s not really possible to see how certain design choices affect navigation and page loading.  However, I have been making progress and by the end of Thursday I had managed to get a version of the website that works with different widths of displays, utilises the full width of the user’s screen and hides the rather lengthy navigation options unless the user chooses to display them.  There’s still quite a bit of tweaking to be done before I’m ready to show the new design to anyone, but progress has definitely been made.

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