Week Beginning 3rd September 2012

This was my first week as Digital Humanities Research Officer for the School of Critical Studies at the University of Glasgow.  As mentioned in the ‘About’ page, I’m writing this blog primarily as an ‘aide memoire’ for me so I can keep track of what I’ve been up to each week, and also so that other people within the School can see what I’ve been doing, if they’re interested.  It’s not really intended for anyone else, although if other people feel like reading that’s absolutely fine with me.

This week was mainly spent getting up to speed with the projects and people within the School and getting myself all set up. I’ve emailed a number of people who are involved with projects that have a digital component in the School and I’ve arranged to have meetings next week with Marc Alexander of STELLA and Jane Stuart-Smith of GULP.  I haven’t heard back from other people I emailed yet, but I think some people are away before the start of term.  I’ll chase these folks up next week if I still haven’t heard anything.

Also this week I set up this blog, which I aim to add an entry to every Friday, and also a wiki that will hopefully be used to document my involvement with projects and can be a place where project materials can be shared with others.  I’ve also tackled a number of other administrative tasks this week, such as creating a suitable email signature, clearing my inbox of all pre-SCS emails, getting myself added to the School mailing lists and writing a biography for the SCS staff page. At the time of writing is not currently online – searching for me leads to a ‘not found’ page as my previous School of Humanities entry has now been removed.  Hopefully that will be fixed soon!

Apart from the above I’ve been going through all of the current and legacy projects associated with the School and adding details of them to a spreadsheet that I hope will eventually be used to plan redevelopment of some of the older and more outdated digital resources.  Jeremy has arranged for a ‘Digital Resources Owners Group’ meeting to take place next Tuesday and I hope to be able to talk about this list there.

I also had a couple of meetings last week, before I had officially started working for the School.  One was with Jeremy, which provided some very handy information about my role and the projects and people in the School.  Jeremy also introduced me to Wendy Anderson and we talked a little about the Mapping Metaphors project.

I also met with David Shuttleton and Mark Herraghty of the Cullen project and learnt a lot more about this project.  Mark showed me the staff interface for managing transcriptions and associated content, which was very interesting.  It is likely that I will be spending quite a bit of time engaged with this project, possibly working on TEI / XSLT issues and next week I will get back in touch with Mark for further information about this.

I’m currently still in my old office in HATII as building work is still being carried out at 13 University Gardens next door.  Hopefully next week I’ll be able to move into my new office, but we’ll just have to see.

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