Week beginning 8th September 2014

There was quite a lot going on this week, with the big thing being the relaunch of the DSL website (www.dsl.ac.uk).  I spent quite a bit of time making final tweaks to the site – updating content and fixing small bugs that I’d noticed at the last minute.  We updated the DNS to point the domain at the new website on Wednesday and once the update propagated everything went well.  I added in the Google Analytics code and removed the password protection on the site and there it was – available for all to use.  I was giving a demo of the new website at the launch on Friday so spent some time writing and preparing that, plus I helped Jean get the rooms ready for the launch too.  The launch itself went very smoothly – no problems with the website or the API and the audience seemed both interested in the new site and pleased with how it worked.  Many people came up to me afterwards to offer words of congratulations and after the launch I was given a rather splendid bouquet of flowers.  I can honestly say that that is the only time I’ve ever been given flowers.  Getting them home was a bit tricky but they do look very nice.

Other than DSL work I did some further Historical thesaurus work.  I attempted to upload the SAMUELS thematic headings again but uncovered some further problems with the spreadsheet I’d been given, namely category numbers in it not matching up with anything in the online database.  Thankfully Fraser got to the bottom of the problem and sent me a fixed version of the spreadsheet and I managed to get all of the headings uploaded.  After a couple of further tweaks I managed to get the database ready for export as CSV files for the people at Lancaster to use.  I also created a new Access version of the data with all of the tables joined together again like in the old HT database.  This should be of use to researchers who want direct access to the data in a flat table.

Other tasks this week included giving some advice to Maria Dick on a bid she’s putting together and starting to write the technical plan for a bid Katie Lowe is putting together.  I can’t really say too much about this but I hope to have a first version of the plan sent to her next Monday.  Oh, and I also reviewed another technical plan for the AHRC, which takes more time than you might think.