Week Beginning 5th February 2018

There’s not much to report from this week.  I had to head home on Friday afternoon last week as I wasn’t feeling well. Actually, I’d started to feel unwell on Thursday evening, but then foolishly struggled into work and then didn’t make it through the day.  I thought I had a bad cold, but it turned out to be flu, the like of which I have not experienced for decades.  I could barely move all weekend and although I was over the worst of it on Monday it took me many days before I was well enough to do anything at all.  I finally managed to return to work on Friday, although I was still exhausted and if I hadn’t been working from home I don’t think I would have made it through a full day.

I spent some of the day replying to emails that had mounted up whilst I’d been off sick, and rescheduling meetings that I’d had to cancel due to being off.  I also fixed an old website of mine that had stopped working when it was moved to a new server, due to some calls to PHP functions that are not supported in more recent versions of PHP.  I then made some tweaks to the poems section of The People’s Voice project website, fixing an issue whereby poems that don’t have an archive or library specified weren’t displaying publication dates either.

I then spent the rest of the day on the REELS project, adding in in an initial version of the text view of the search results.  The results page now features two tabs: ‘Map’ and ‘Text’.  If you click on the ‘Text’ tab you can access an alphabetical list of the results (just the matching results, not the ‘grey’ data).  Currently there’s no pagination of results and the links don’t lead anywhere, but it gives an idea of how the feature will work.  Clicking on the ‘map’ tab takes you back to the map.  I’m also wondering now whether I should add a ‘highlight on map’ option to the text list as already when looking down the list I spot interesting names and wonder where they actually appear on the map.  A ‘highlight’ button that then returns to the map tab and makes the corresponding circle blink or something might be handy.

Hopefully I’ll be back to full health next week and will be able to work a full week again.