Week Beginning 9th October 2017

It was another week of working on fairly small tasks for lots of different projects.  I helped Gerry McKeever to put the finishing touches to his new project website, and this has now gone live and can be accessed here:  http://regionalromanticism.glasgow.ac.uk/.  I also spent some further time making updates to the Burns Paper Database website for Ronnie Young.  This included adding in a site menu to facilitate navigation, adding a subheader to the banner, creating new pages for ‘about’ and ‘contact’, adding some new content, making repositories appear with their full names rather than acronyms, updating the layout of the record page and tweaking how the image pop-up works. It’s all pretty much done and dusted now, although I can’t share the URL as the site is password protected due to the manuscript images being under copyright restrictions.

I spent about a day this week on AHRC review duties and also spent some time working on the new interface for Kirsteen McCue’s ‘Romantic National Song Network’ project website.  This took up a fair amount of time as I had to try out a few different designs, work with lots of potential images, set up a carousel, and experiment with fonts for the site header.  I’m pretty pleased with how things are looking now, although there are four different font styles that we still need to choose one from.

I had a couple of conference calls and a meeting with Marc and Fraser about the Linguistic DNA project.  I met with Marc and Fraser first, in order to go over the work Fraser is currently doing and how my involvement in the project might proceed.  Fraser and I then had a Skype call with Iona and Seth in Sheffield about the work the researchers are currently doing and some of the issues they are encountering when dealing with the massive dataset they’re working with.  After the call Fraser sent me a sample of the data, which really helped me to understand some of the technical issues that are cropping up.  On Friday afternoon the whole project had a Skype call.  This included the DHI people in Sheffield and it was useful to hear something about the technical work they are currently doing.

I had a couple of other meetings this week too.  On Wednesday morning I had a meeting with Jennifer Smith about a new pilot project she’s putting together in order to record Scots usage in schools.  We talked through a variety of technical solutions and I was able to give some advice on how the project might be managed from a technical point of view.  On Wednesday afternoon I had a meeting for The People’s Voice project, at which I met with new project RA, who has taken over from Michael Shaw as he’s now moved to a different institution.  I helped the new RA get up to speed with the database and how to update the front-end.

Also this week I had an email conversation with the SPADE people about how we will set up a server for the project’s infrastructure at Glasgow.  I’m going to be working on this the week after next.  I also made a few further updates to the DSL website and had a chat with Thomas Widmann about a potential reworking of some of the SLD’s websites.

There’s not a huge amount more to say about the work I did this week.  I was feeling rather unwell all week and it was a bit of a struggle getting through some days during the middle of the week, but I made it through to the end.  I’m on holiday all of next week so there won’t be an update from me until the week after.