Week Beginning 22nd May 2017

I spent a fair amount of time this week on Historical Thesaurus related matters.  Towards the start of the week I continued with the mammoth task of integrating the new OED data with the HT data.  I created a few new checking and integration scripts to try and find patterns in the HT and OED category names in order to be able to match them up.  Out of a total of 235,249 categories we now have 221,336 that are marked as checked.

On Wednesday Fraser, Marc and I had a meeting to discuss how to proceed with the rest of the HT / OED linking and also to consider what updates to make to the HT website.  We came up with a few ideas that we are going to try and implement in the next few weeks.  I can’t really say much more about it yet, though.

I spent about a day this week working on the Burns project, creating a new subsection of the website about Burns and the Fiddle.  This included creating pages, positioning images, creating MP3 files from audio files in other formats, uploading everything and making it all look nice.  The section isn’t going live yet as there are further tweaks to be made, but most of the content is now in place.

I had a couple of meetings with Luca Guariento this week to discuss some of the technical issues he’s working through at the moment, including working with APIs with jQuery and some issues with some OpenLayers maps he’s working on.  I also helped Gary with a couple of minor SCOSYA issues, spoke to Ronnie Young about a Burns project he’s putting together, talked to Jane Stuart-Smith about the website for her SPADE project and had a chat with Bryony Randall about the digital edition we’re working on.  I also attended a college-wide meeting about critical editions that had been organised by Sheila Dickson from the School of Modern Languages and Cultures.  It was an interesting meeting to attend and it looks like I might be involved in setting up a website that will showcase the critical edition work that is based at the university.  I’ll just need to wait and see if anything comes from this, but hopefully it will.

On Friday I returned to The People’s Voice project and continued to work on the public interface to the poem database.  I reinstated the ‘publication’ field as a drop-down list, as Catriona requested that it was added back in.  I also added the ‘autocomplete’ feature to the required fields (author, set tune title, featured individual, publication name).  Now if you start typing into these fields anything that matches will be displayed in a list and can be selected.  I also included ‘pseudonym’ in the ‘author’ and ‘featured individual’ autocomplete search.  I then updated the form so that the publication country and city lists are now populated from the data in the database.  The ‘city’ list updates depending on the user’s choice of country.  I also added in a query to generate the Archive / Library multi-select based on the data and I started to work on the code that will take the user’s selected options, process them, build a query and display the results.  So far you can search for title, set tune, set tune title, audio, comments and franchise only (any combination of these).  Results aren’t displaying yet but the number of poems that match your search are.  There’s still lots to do here and I’ll hopefully be able to continue with this next Friday.