Week Beginning 2nd January 2017

I had a fairly easy first week back after the Christmas holidays as I was only working on the Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday I spent some time catching up with emails and other such administrative tasks.  I also spent some time preparing for a meeting I had on Friday with Alice Jenkins.  She is putting together a proposal for a project that has a rather large and complicated digital component and before the meeting I read through the materials she had sent me and wrote a few pages of notes about how the technical aspects might be tackled.  We then had a good meeting on Friday and we will be taking the proposal forward during the New Year, all being well.  I can’t say much more about it here at this stage, though.

I spent some further time on Thursday and on Friday updating the content of the rather ancient ‘Learning with the Thesaurus of Old English’ website for Carole Hough.  The whole website needs a complete overhaul but its exercises are built around an old version of the thesaurus that forms part of the resource and is quite different in its functionality from the new TOE online resource.  So for now Carole just wanted some of the content of the existing website updated and we’ll leave the full redesign for later.  This meant going through a list of changes Carole had compiled and making the necessary updates, which took a bit of time but wasn’t particularly challenging to do – so a good way to start back after the hols.

Other than these tasks I spent the remainder of the week going through the old STELLA resource STARN and migrating it to T4.  Before Christmas I had completed ‘Criticism and commentary’ and this week I completed ‘Journalism’ and made a start on ‘Language’.  However, this latter section actually has a massive amount of content tucked away in subsections and it is going to take rather a long time to get this all moved over.  Luckily there’s no rush to get this done and I’ll just keep pegging away at it whenever I have a free moment or two over the next few months.