Week Beginning 31st October 2016

This week was rather an unusual one due to my son being ill with the winter vomiting virus.  I had to take Tuesday off as annual leave at short notice to look after him and then I also ended up having to work from home on Wednesday in addition to my usual Thursday.  I spent quite a bit of Monday creating a new version of the ‘Essentials of Old English’ app that fixed an issue with the Glossary.  I’d started on this last Friday but ended up spending ages just installing updates and getting to the point where I could build new versions of the app.  Thankfully I managed to get this sorted on Monday, although it still took an awfully long time to build, test and deploy the iOS and Android versions.  However, they are now both available (version 1.2) through the App and Play stores now.  I also spent a couple of hours on Monday replying to a rather detailed email for the REELs project and also spent a bit of time getting some of the Hansard sample data to Marc.

I was off work on Tuesday, which unfortunately meant rescheduling the meeting I was supposed to have with Marc and Fraser about updating the Historical Thesaurus with new data from the OED people.  This is going to take place next Monday now instead.  As I haven’t heard back from the SCOSYA people since the last updates I made I decided to hold off with any new developments here until after we have our next meeting (also next Monday), so this gave me some time I could spend on the ‘Basics of English Metre’ app.  I spent most of Wednesday, Thursday and some of Friday afternoon on this, and I’m very pleased to say I have now completed a first draft of the app.  IT took a bit of time to get back into developing the app as it had been a while since I last worked on it.  There were also some rather tricky exercises that I needed to implement as part of Unit 3 of the app, which took some planning, testing and refining.  It feels very satisfying to have all of the exercises fully operational now, though.  The next stage will be to get people to test it, make required updates, create a ‘web’ version with the University website’s look and feel and then start the arduous wrapping and deploying of the actual app versions.  It feels like the end is in sight now, though, and I’ve already started to think about what old resource to tackle next.  Having said that, I still need to make Android versions of the ‘Grammar’ and ‘ARIES’ apps first.

On Friday I dealt with some issues relating to the University’s iOS developer account, created some text for Marc in relation to getting access to a collection of historical textual data and created a new feature for the Medical Humanities Network that lists the email addresses of all members in a format that can be pasted into Outlook.  Next week I’ll return to SCOSYA work and will no doubt be working on the Historical Thesaurus again.