Week Beginning 18th April 2016

I was on holiday last week and returned to a full five-day week this week.  It’s been a pretty busy week too, as the Mapping Metaphor follow-on project launched on Tuesday this week.  The website is now available, and the apps can now be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.  See the website here: http://www.glasgow.ac.uk/metaphoric.

It’s been an excellent project to have been a part of and I feel that I’ve greatly increased my knowledge of app creation, which will be a good thing for future projects, no doubt.  There were a number of last-minute things that needed implemented and (in some cases) fixed before the launch.  This included overhauling the teaching materials page, uploading all of the teaching materials and fixing a bug that I’d managed to introduce when adding in the ‘loading’ icon to the visualisation that was preventing some of the metaphor card pop-ups from popping up.  It was a bit of a rush at times, but everything was ready for the launch on Tuesday afternoon and all went very smoothly.  The only thing left to do for the project now is release a slightly updated version of the app that will incorporate the loading icon in the visualisations.  This is something I’m hoping to do early next week.

In addition to this project I worked on quite a number of other projects this week.  I fixed a minor reference issue with the SCOTS Corpus, and also had an email conversation with a developer who is working with Jane Stuart-Smith on an audio tool that will use sound files from the corpus.  I will be meeting with him when he is in Glasgow next week to talk through how he will use the corpus too.  I also made an update to the SCOSYA project database to incorporate more codes and created an initial user interface for the project website, using the logo that has been created for the project.  For the People’s Voice project I tried to investigate why the RA has been experiencing problems uploading a CSV to the system I had created, but rather strangely the file he was unable to upload worked ok for me, even though I didn’t change it.  I’ve asked him to get back to me with details of the operating system he was using and any error messages that get displayed and hopefully we’ll be able to get to the bottom of this soon.  I also created an initial website interface for this project too, although it will probably need tweaking before it goes live.

I managed to speak to Marc at the Metaphoric project launch about the possibility of me attending the DH2016 conference, which is taking place in Krakow in July.  He said he thought this would be fine so I spent a bit of time this week looking into travel arrangements and things like that.  I’m looking forward to attending the conference as I learned so much at the last DH conference I attended (DH2014 in Lausanne).

On Wednesday I had a meeting with Murray Pittock about an AHRC proposal he is putting together.  I can’t go into any details here, but it’s all looking very promising.  I spent a few hours before the meeting going through all of the documentation that was available and preparing for the meeting.  I have agreed to help write the technical plan for the proposal, which is a task I intend to work on next week.  Bill Kretzschmar had also emailed me whilst I was on holiday about an AHRC proposal he is hoping to put together so I spent some further time going through the materials he had sent and replying to his email.  Again, I can’t really go into any details but it’s all looking very interesting.

I spent the remainder of the week adding in some new features to the REELS content management system, specifically pagination options for the ‘browse place-names’ section.  It now has more than 600 place-names listed so having them all on one page wasn’t ideal.  I’ve split things up so that 50 names appear per page and have added in a filter option as well to allow the researcher to focus on the place-names of a particular parish.