Week Beginning 30th March 2015

A brief report this week as I’m off for my Easter hols soon and I don’t have much time to write. I will be off all of next week. It was a four-day week this week as Friday is Good Friday. Last week was rather hectic with project launches and the like but this week was thankfully a little calmer. I spent some time helping Chris out with an old site that urgently needed fixing and I spent about a day on AHRC duties, which I can’t go into here. Other than that I helped Jane with the data management plan for her ESRC bid, which was submitted this week. I also had a meeting with Gavin Miller and Jenny Eklöf to discuss potential collaboration tools for medical humanities people. This was a really interesting meeting and we had a great discussion about the various possible technical solutions for the project they are hoping to put together. I also spoke to Fraser about the Hansard data for SAMUELS but there wasn’t enough time to work through it this week. We are going to get stuck into it after Easter.

In terms of actual development work, I did a little bit for three projects this week. Firstly the SCOTS corpus: after I’d added the ‘cite this page’ feature to the Mapping Metaphor website last week Wendy thought it would be a good idea if I could add a similar feature to the SCOTS corpus. I added this in for both SCOTS and CMSW and I’m sure it will be a very useful feature. I also got back into DSL development duties, finishing off the reworking of the advanced search results page. I had previously split this into two tabs and had added improved pagination facilities but Ann wanted the results for DOST and SND to appear side by side rather than in separate tabs. She wanted a few other changes made too and I think I managed to get all of this in place this week. Hopefully we’ll be able to ‘go live’ with the changes once I’m back from my holiday. I also spent a bit of time with the Digital Humanities Network website. This website looks like the University website but doesn’t run within its content management system. It does however rely on a lot of the scripts from their system and some changes had been made to these scripts this week which were unfortunately causing the digital humanities website’s JavaScript to completely break. I managed to find a workaround for this but there are still some aspects that are not quite right and I’ll need to have a further look into this once I’m back. That’s all for now though.