Week Beginning 29th September 2014

This week was a pretty hectic one that mainly centred around the AHRC.  On Thursday I attended a day-long AHRC Peer Review College training workshop in Edinburgh, at which the attendees had to report on a review they had undertaken of one proposal and participate in a mock panel session where a further 7 proposals, their reviews and the PI responses were to be ranked.  There was an awful lot of material to read in preparation for the event, and somewhat foolishly I had left it until the start of the week to tackle it, assuming that between starting on Monday and attending the event on Thursday I would have ample time to prepare.  I rather underestimated the amount of time it would take to read through these 8 bids and prepare for the exercises, and had to spend quite a lot of extra time in the evenings going through everything.  Thankfully by Thursday I had completed all of the preparations and I felt confident that I would be able to participate in the event.  Although I am a technical reviewer for the AHRC I wasn’t attending the event in this capacity, which was rather unexpected.  Instead, I was to act as an academic reviewer.  I did question whether I should even really attend the event but the person at the AHRC that I spoke to said that it would be good experience for me to attend and she was right.  I really feel like I know a lot more about the AHRC and the peer review process after Thursday’s event.  Of course, I can’t go into any details about what actually took place during the day, but I did feel quite engaged with the whole process, which was encouraging.

Other than preparing and attending the AHRC event I was also involved in further AHRC project business.  I had hoped that I would be able to continue with the development of the visualisations for the Mapping Metaphor project but alas there were just too many other tasks to perform.  I met with Susan Rennie and her RA on Monday to discuss the data for the Scots Thesaurus project and helped them to define a structure for the data that will be fairly straightforwardly machine readable once a sufficient amount of data has been gathered.  I also met with Megan Coyer who is wanting to put together a Medical Humanities project and discussed with her a few ideas for the technical side of her project.  I still need to get back to her with some further suggestions.

On Tuesday I met with Wendy and Ellen to discuss the follow-on funding bid they are putting together for Mapping Metaphor and I’ll have a technical plan to complete for this bid in the next week or so.  On Wednesday I met had a conference call with Katie to discuss the technical plan for her Aelfric project.  This was a useful call and we managed to agree on how the technical aspects of the project should all fit together.  On Friday I completed an updated version of the technical plan for the project and sent it to Katie.  I’ll be on holiday for most of next week so there won’t be too much to report.