Week Beginning April 14th 2014

I only worked Monday and Tuesday this week as I took some additional time off over the Easter weekend, so there’s not a massive amount to report.  Other than providing some technical help to a postgrad student in English Language I spent all of my available time working on DSL related matters.  The biggest thing I achieved was to get a first version of the advanced search working.  This doesn’t include all options, only those that are currently available through the API, so for example users can’t select a part of speech to refine their search with.  But you can search for a word / phrase with wildcards, specify the search type (headwords, quotations or full text), specify the match type if it’s a headword search (whole / word / partial) and select a source (snd / dost / both).  There are pop-ups for help text for each of these options, currently containing placeholder text.

A quotation or full text search displays results using the ‘highlights’ field from the API, displaying every snippet for each headword (there can be multiple snippets) with the search word highlighted in yellow. If a specific source is selected then the results take up the full width of the page rather than half the width. Advanced search options are ‘remembered’, allowing the user to return to the search form to refine their search.  There is also an option to start a new advanced search.

I made a number of other smaller tweaks too, e.g. removing the ‘search results’ box from an entry when it is the only search result, and adding in pop-ups for DOST and SND in the results page (click on the links in the headings above each set of results to see these).  I’ve also added in placeholder pages for the bibliography pages linked to from entries, with facilities to return to the entry from the bibliography page.

Also this week I received the shiny new iPad that I had ordered and I spent a little time getting to grips with how it works.  I think it’s going to be very useful for testing websites!