Week Beginning 13th January 2020

With work completed on the interactive map for the Regional Romanticism last week, I turned instead this week to some other outstanding items on my ‘to do’ list.  I spent quite a bit of time continuing to work on the new version of the Digital Humanities Network site, going through all of the existing projects and deciding which to keep.  I keep all projects that still have a functioning website that is in some way connected to digital humanities, and for each of these I then need to generate new icons, banner images and screenshots, associate developers and expand upon the available descriptive text.  So far I have set up enhanced records for 48 projects, meaning I’m over halfway to completion.  It is a time-consuming process but I believe it is worth it so we have a place to showcase these valuable assets.

I spent at least half the week working on the website for the Place-names of Mull and Ulva, a new project that has started up in Celtic and Gaelic for which I am adapting the place-names system I originally created for the Berwickshire Place-names project.  The project PI is Alasdair Whyte and I met with him on Thursday to discuss developments.  Before that I worked on the interface for the site, as Alasdair had sent me some images he wanted me to use and had decided which font he wanted the site to use.  I made a nice header image using a photograph of Mull that Alasdair sent, blended with an image of a historical map from NLS.  I also added the bottom part of the image to the footer, and added in the required logos and image credits.  I also got the multilingual side of things, which I’d started working on last week, working properly, added in the required fonts, changed the way the site menus were displayed and did some other tweaking and refinement of the original theme.  Below is an example of how things currently look:

I also made some updates to the content management system for the site.  As of yet I haven’t added in full multilingual support, but I have added in the additional fields that Alasdair had requested.  This includes a new facility to upload captioned images that can be associated with a place-name record, a new dedicated field for ‘translation’ and another new field for specifying which island a place-name is on.  I also started to look into how a Lidar map layer might be added to the public maps interface, although this is going to need some further work.

Also this week I spoke to Craig Lamont about the Burns Scotland website, which needs some updating.  I looked over the site and gave him some ideas as to what could possibly be done with it.  I also helped out Rob Maslen with an issue relating to his ‘Fantasy’ blog.

On Friday afternoon I met with Matt Sangster and Katie Halsey to discuss their Books and Borrowers project.  This is a major AHRC project that I helped write the proposal for.  We heard before Christmas that the project has been funded, which is excellent news, so we met this week to discuss our next steps.  The project doesn’t actually start until June, but I’m going to try and get some of the technical aspects in place before then in order to allow the project’s RAs to get started straight away.  It’s all very exciting and hopefully it will be a great project to work on when the time comes.