Week Beginning 23rd June 2014

At least two days this week were taken up with AHRC duties, and I can’t really discuss those duties here, other than to say that they are taking up rather more time that I thought they would.  Still, the work is interesting at least.  I also managed to complete work on and upload an updated version of the Grammar app this week.  This update addressed a number of things people had pointed out since the initial launch, mainly to do with navigation.  This updated version hasn’t ‘gone live’ yet, but hopefully will do soon.

A fair amount of my remaining time was spent on Burns related matters.  I attended a project meeting on Tuesday, which was very useful.  Many of the new developments that have been on the cards for a while now are all going to come to fruition soon, such as tour maps and the timeline, with the plan being to launch many of them during the week of the 4th of August.  There will be lots to do before then.  I had been expecting to receive the timeline data during this week but it’s not been sent yet, so there must have been a delay somewhere.  This turned out to be no bad thing as it freed up a bit of time for me to work on a new design for the Burns website, something that has been on my ‘to do’ list of far too long.  Creating a new version of an interface for WordPress without making it live seems to be a rather tricky thing to do so to get around this problem I simply set up a version of the website on my own PC and worked on it there.  I emailed a screenshot of this new version to Pauline for distribution to the team and I’ll make the new interface live once I’ve received and acted upon any feedback.

On Friday I attended a meeting with Simon Taylor and Stevie Barratt from Celtic.  Simon has some money set aside to migrate placename data from Word to MySQL.  We agreed that I would do this work, but in my free time, due to my current workload.

I spend a little further time this week on DSL matters, specifically adding in the Scottish government logo and the copyright page.  The remainder of my week was spent working on the Scots School Dictionary app.  I’ve managed to get a rudimentary browse function working with the JSON data.  It’s now possible to select a letter and then view all of the words that start with it.  It’s coming along quite nicely.

I will be on holiday next week so there will be no report from me then.