Week Beginning March 31st 2014

I was ill for most of this week and was off work from Tuesday to Thursday, meaning I don’t have a massive amount to report about.  I spent a little time on Monday following up on a few issues that cropped up at the Mapping Metaphor event last week, and also looking into what sort of Mac I should purchase in order to be able to develop iOS versions of the STELLA Apps.  It will be good to finally get these all wrapped up and available as proper apps some time soon.  I spent the remainder of time working week continuing with the redevelopment of the DSL.  I updated the way the ‘show / hide’ options for quotations and the etymology work, replacing the text link with ‘on / off’ buttons instead, which I think make it clearer to see what option is selected and how you change your settings.  I also updated the ‘about this entry’ box so that it will pull its information from the API.  Currently the API doesn’t supply this data but when it does the information will now automatically appear.  I also made some further tweaks to the site based on further feedback from Ann, specifically adding in the correct text about ‘yogh’ on the homepage, including a ‘sticky’ popup that opens when you hover over an ‘info’ icon.  The popup is ‘sticky’ (i.e. after it opens it stays open until you click the close button) because Ann wanted a link to appear in the popup, and with a more straightforward tooltip style popup this would not be possible as the popup disappears as soon as you move the cursor away from the item that the popup is attached to.  I also switched the ordering of DOST and SND panes in the search results and fixed some of the site text.  Much more to come next week now I’m back to full health again.