Essentials of Old English

The resource provides a short, structured linguistic account of Old English and features a series of interactive exercises to test your knowledge.

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Exercise to identify the object in Old English sentences
Exercise to identify the object in Old English sentences

Available as a website and an app for iOS and Anroid devices, this manual is short, structured linguistic account of OE for those who already have some up-to-date knowledge of modern English grammar and phonetics. It is designed to give beginners a linguistic reference point both for subsequent literary appreciation and for philological study. It is organised for easy reference, but it is not designed to be read through from beginning to end in order; passages of greater and lesser importance have been marked, and there is extensive use of cross-references and connections to enable rapid navigation through the text on-screen. For those working on your own, a suggested scheme for organising the study of the book is presented in Appendix II.

Some elementary knowledge of Present-Day English grammar and phonetics is assumed here; such knowledge is essential for anyone seriously attempting to learn OE, and should form part of any introductory English Language course. The models of grammar and phonetics adopted here are widely used nowadays, and will be recognised by most teachers of English Language.

Main contact: Jeremy Smith

Developer: Brian Aitken

Start year: 1990

End year: 2015

Subject area: English Language & Linguistics

Keywords: AppHistory of EnglishLearning and Teaching

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