Basics of English Metre

Using this app, you can learn more about English metre through a series of interactive exercises.

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A quiz about strong and weak stresses in words
A quiz about strong and weak stresses in words

Metre refers to the abstract, ideal, or underlying pattern that acts as a template for a line of verse. In English, metrical patterns consist of repeated patterns of stressed and unstressed syllables. The Basics of English Metre is available as a website and an app for iOS and Android devices.  Throughout its three units it explains concepts such as syllables and stress, metre and rhythm, foot boundaries, elision and grammatical patterns and provides a series of interactive exercises through which you can test your knowledge.

Main contact: Christian Kay

Developer: Brian Aitken

Start year: 1988

End year: 2016

Funded by: Computers in Teaching Initiative

Subject area: English Language & Linguistics

Keywords: AppLearning and Teaching

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